Rethink the Core of Carbon-Fibre Production

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Ex-Core Donkervoort F22

The Ripple Effect

What Is Ex-Core?

Ex-Core is a technical revolution in carbon-fibre manufacturing. Ex-Core’s syntactic foam technology creates carbon-fibre parts by expanding to push the carbon sheets against the mould from the inside out.

Ex-Core clearly sets out which designs, forms and use-cases will benefit from its carbon-fibre technology and processes, and they will see advantages like:

  1. An efficient one-shot production process

  2. Reduced costs, increased environmental friendliness through lower wastage

  3. The ability to create complex shapes and sharp radii

  4. Incredible strength- and rigidity-to-weight ratios

  5. Flexible production volumes

Percentage Price Advantages (%)


The Core of Ex-Core

Ex-Core was developed from the Donkervoort Automobielen supercar company’s search for a material that could match the strength criteria of its engineers, the design flexibility of its creative team and the light-weight obsession of its founder.

It has been a successful stand-alone company since 2021.

Sustainable Carbon-Fibre

Ex-Core uses lower temperatures and needs less energy than traditional carbon-fibre methods to produce similar-sized composite parts. The process also has far less wastage compared to traditional methods, and its ease-of-use lends itself to higher production quality.

Join the Revolution

One of the most effective ways to take advantage of the Ex-Core revolution is to join it, as a joint-venture partner, a customer or an investor. Click the link to investigate the most appropriate pathway to your success. The possibilities for Ex-Core to expand are growing daily, with the innovative material now used everywhere from Formula 1 to luxury yachts and lightweight supercars.

Is Ex-Core for You?

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