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Help drive the Ex-Core revolution and reward yourself by joining our team to innovate, develop and deliver perfect carbon-fibre components, every time.

EX-CORE® has been a living, breathing operation since 2011, when researchers began to harness a naturally occurring carbon-fibre phenomenon, and it has been a stand-alone company since early 2022. Run by Donkervoort Managing Director Denis Donkervoort, it innovates in industries ranging from motorsport, cars, medical equipment, luxury yachts, aviation, drones and cycling and crash-critical safety components.

It’s the high-technology operation that offers careers making components that can be widely known, but are often secrets to anybody outside Ex-Core, all in a family-run company with short management chains.

Ex-Core rewards innovation, precision and speed, and employees can be creating a Formula 1 piece one day and crash structure for a yacht the next.

It is a growing business that needs people who pay attention to every piece of their roles, with direct management and no bureaucracy.

The Core Of Ex-Core

Why Ex-Core?


Internships have long been a core part of the EX-CORE® operation, and we continue to offer them in all areas of our business.

We offer internships that specialise on developing practical expertise for those on the workshop floor, and we also offer practice-oriented thesis, dissertations and research opportunities.

Our internships offer direct access to Ex-Core’s management, technology and processes, and many former interns have graduated from university and returned to Ex-Core as long-term team members.

Expert Opportunities

Contrary to popular misapprehension, EX-CORE® balances the MBA qualifications of its potential employees with their DNA.

It’s easy to believe a technology company focused on innovation, research and precision will bring on board only those with the highest levels of educational qualifications, but it’s not quite the way Ex-Core works.

Character, work processes and curiosity are amongst the biggest areas Ex-Core’s recruiting personnel focus on when they choose our people.

On-paper qualifications remain important, but Ex-Core began out of curiosity, and it’s still a priority for us.

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InternshipStep into the forefront of cutting-edge advanced materials technology and become an intern with the Ex-Core team.
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