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Innovation Effects

Sometimes, an innovation can create ripple effects that can’t even be imagined by the innovators. That’s what is happening right now with Ex-Core.

EX-CORE® began by exploring a curiosity. The qualities it found turned it into a specific industrial project. Now Ex-Core clients have explored its specifications and used it in roles and for functions its inventors could never have dreamed of.

Ex-Core’s initially believed it might be useful to add strength, both for impact and for bending and torsional rigidity, in strange shapes without adding weight.

Now it’s being turned into everything from practical art on high-end yachts to highly exposed pieces for the world’s most extreme racing cars. And that’s just some of the applications that aren’t under confidentiality agreements.

Sometimes, designers lead their engineers to Ex-Core to solve the problems of complicated shapes. Sometimes it’s the engineers leading the designers to Ex-Core for strength reasons. And sometimes it’s the budget analysis leading both of them to Ex-Core for cost reasons.

Positive Proof of Concept

The first application for EX-CORE® quickly proved the concept. Donkervoort found Ex-Core reduced labour time, assembly time, energy use, parts wastage, trimming and curing time.

One complex Ex-Core part could do the work of multiple conventional carbon-fibre parts, saving later assembly time and improving quality, and as word spread about the new material, other companies began investigating its potential.

While research and innovation remain at the driving forces of Ex-Core, they have been joined by a passion for production, design and industrialisation.

Besides its own manufacturing base, Ex-Core has also spread its business models to include a on-site manufacturing and a joint-venture manufacturing operation in Spain to accommodate higher-volume contracts. 

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It took a decade of experimentation before the EX-CORE® recipe was defined, tested and validated and it could be part of Donkervoort’s production process.

Donkervoort initially used Ex-Core for its crash-critical door panels. Besides adding strength, Ex-Core’s ability to create complex shapes with previously impossible radii meant Donkervoort needed fewer pieces.

Ex-Core became its own entity in 2022, and now supplies its technology to the motorsports, yachting, cycling, aviation, furniture and even medical fields.

Our Success Stories

How Donkervoort developed Ex-Core carbon-fibre, and why it saves it time, parts and money.

Your Ex-Core Score

Our experts calculate your EX-CORE® Score by understanding your design and engineering needs and checking them against Ex-Core's specifications, to determine whether it is the optimum carbon-fibre technology for your use case.

Demands for complex shapes, fewer parts extra strength, cost reductions and environmental sustainability are all indicators that Ex-Core could meet your requirements.

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