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Ex Core Department Collaboration Opportunities

Connected At Our Core

Ex-Core can help unlock your composite potential, with a range of business models and collaboration opportunities.

One of the key pillars of EX-CORE® is innovation, and we also believe that innovation only truly flourishes with collaboration.

We invite you to become part of that innovation through collaboration with Ex-Core, finding and, if necessary, inventing the technology and processes that fulfil your specific needs and manufacturing or design requirements.

Ex-Core’s ambitions have always included identifying and leveraging the right synergy partners to help transform their industries.

Each new project is a journey, and we invite you to join your expertise with Ex-Core to find the right pathway to create something extraordinary.

Elevate What's Possible With Carbon

Ex-Core can change the dynamic value proposition of most carbon-fibre production systems, in unit cost, in time, in assembly and in resources.

Ex-Core is a technology and production system that can empower your vision and strengthen your ideas, from conception to production.

Carbon Industry Growth

The Paris Climate Agreement predicts Electric Vehicle (EV) growth from 2.3 million cars in 2019 to 100 million by 2030, while the International Energy Agency is targeting 900 million by 2050.

But EV batteries have a weight issue, and carbon-fibre technologies are in demand to offset them.

Fortune Business Insights suggests the carbon-fibre industry was worth US$3.1 billion in 2022 and will rise in value to $6 billion by 2030, with weight reductions for EVs driving the increase.

Disrupting CFRP Production

Steel production costs the car industry around €3 to €5 per kilogram, but traditional CFRP costs are around €150/kg. EX-CORE® disrupts this by typically being priced below the figure that is accepted as the crossover point for widespread CFRP adoption in production.

It disrupts again, with the up-front costs of the tooling coming in at around 10% of a traditional autoclave, and its manpower costs are up to 70% lower.

Click below to explore the possibilities of Ex-Core in your industry.

Become An Ex-Core Client

It’s clear that EX-CORE® is capable of disrupting many industries, even those that don’t yet know they could benefit from it, and it’s a simple process to check whether your industry could be next.

Ask Ex-Core to determine if we can make a difference with a game-changing impact on your design, engineering, cost structure and production flexibility and efficiency.

Ex-Core experts are enthusiastic about disrupting CFRP conventions where it helps, but equally adamant when our Ex-Core Score shows the technology won’t help.

Technical Partnerships

Invest In Innovation

There is more than one way to partner with EX-CORE®, and while some clients wants a hands-off, mould-and-tool collaboration, others prefer a closer closer relationship to more thoroughly explore the technology’s potential.

And still others prefer to invest with Ex-Core directly, to more intimately use their business models and production processes to drive Ex-Core’s technology forward on a global scale.

Contact Ex-Core to understand if this investment-in-innovation approach could benefit your projects.

Confident Collaborations

Like the boutique supercar maker is sprang from, EX-CORE® is committed to upholding strong ethical principles and transparency.

It has never been more important to ensure that business partners are not just technologically compatible, but ethically and morally compatible, too.

Ex-Core is committed to strong governance, with its leadership guided by vision, integrity and experience.

Test Ex-Core For You

Tap into Ex-Core’s passion for the carbon-fibre revolution and shape the world with us.

No company can innovate every development they need to step into the future, and that’s one of the reasons why EX-CORE®  welcomes industrial, technical and production collaborations.

A partnership with Ex-Core could be the move that shapes your company’s future, and gives it a design, engineering or production-cost advantage over your competitors.

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