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At Ex-Core, we offer two distinct options for our valued customers, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a seamless supplier-client relationship or the opportunity to create your own components, we've got you covered.

Option 1

Supplier-Client Relationship

In this option, Ex-Core takes the reins and delivers completed components to your doorstep. These components are expertly crafted in-house at Ex-Core or through our trusted joint-venture partnership in Spain. This hassle-free approach allows you to focus on your core operations while we handle the manufacturing process.

Option 2

In House Manufacturing

For those seeking a more hands-on approach, our second option empowers you to become a part of the production process. We provide comprehensive training in our state-of-the-art facilities, enabling you to create your components using Ex-Core materials and tooling. You pay only for the materials used and the licensing fee, giving you the freedom to bring your ideas to life.

Elevate Your Partnership with Ex-Core

Whether you envision a seamless supplier-client relationship or the hands-on creativity of DIY manufacturing, your journey with Ex-Core is poised for success. Take the next step today and experience innovation, quality, and growth like never before. Together, we'll redefine excellence.

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