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Ex-Core Innovation and Technology

An innovator from the start, Ex-Core has broken new ground in everything from self-expanding foam to self-heating tools, all aimed at enhancing existing manufacturing processes.

The driving force of EX-CORE® is, and always has been, innovation. It has delivered innovation in self-expanding, syntactic foam, in its unique approach to tooling, to the integration of inserts and wiring channels in even the most complex components.

It holds an overarching patent for the Ex-Core process, developed its own self-heating tooling systems and controls the proprietary software that controls every minute of the process.

Ex-Core burst onto the carbon-fibre world for its ability to deliver incredibly complex shapes with massive structural strength, but the costs savings from lower wastage, lower energy consumption and are too great to overlook. 

Precise Internal Tool Control

Innovation is nothing without control, which is why EX-CORE® developed its unique tooling systems, complete with proprietary software governing every aspect of the curing process.

Unlike other carbon-fibre production processes, the Ex-Core tooling integrates pressure and temperature sensors inside the tooling itself, sending real-time data to the Ex-Core software to more accurately control the expansion and curing process.

This leads to fewer rejected final components, and lower costs through wastage.

Ex-Core is also unique in being able to integrate brass, stainless steel or treated aluminium inserts into carbon-fibre components, and can even include channels for electrical wiring. This creates less work in the assembly process.

Sustainable Fibres

Research & Development

The endless search for more has lead EX-CORE® deeper and deeper into the qualities of both CFRP composites and the Ex-Core processes.

Ex-Core started as an experiment to ascertain the nature of expanding foams, and that curiosity dominates to this day.

It has lead us to deliver Ex-Core foams with specialised fire-suppression characteristics, and other styles of foam develop to be as light as possible, and yet more to add maximum strength to CFRP components.

Intellectual Property

Besides its general patent on any expanding foam process in carbon-fibre component manufacture, EX-CORE® retains control of a number of breakthrough ideas and concepts.

The patent for Ex-Core was granted in March, 2016, and no other CFRP patent resembles Ex-Core, even today.

Ex-Core also developed its own tooling concept, its own proprietary software, its own method of integrating wiring circuits and inserts and its own processes for down-cycling end-of-life Ex-Core components.

Development Core

Innovation and development have always been at the core of EX-CORE®. Why not use that to your advantage, like other clients have, by asking Ex-Core to develop a new process or foam characteristic or tooling to suit your exact specifications?

Added strength, extra vibration damping and fire suppression have all been tailored to suit different clients, and so have the tooling processes.

If it’s unusual, just ask Ex-Core. We love a challenge. It’s how we got here in the first place.

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